When to book Senior Portrait Session Scranton PA

When To Book Your Senior Portrait Session Scranton PA


With newborns or kids graduating, there are specific times when you would look for portrait sessions but when it comes to senior portraits, there is no standard rule or specific timeframes that dominate the choice of time or day. In Scranton, senior portraits can be made or shot at any time of the year. However, there are some specific conditions that would determine your choice if you have certain special requisites for your senior pictures.

Darkershadesofbrown Photography can cater to a session at the studio, at your home or in outdoor settings. Whichever route you take, there are some factors that you must consider prior to booking the session at a certain time. A session at the studio needs to be planned well in advance to ensure that we would have a free slot and the same would have to be done if you expect us to drive over to your place for the session.

It is with outdoor portrait sessions that require a meticulous understanding of the external factors beyond your control that will be decisive in choosing the time and the day. You may wish to have only one outdoor location of your choice or that of one we think would be good for you, alternatively you may wish to have multiple outdoor locations. To get the best pictures out of your session, you must decide a day when the weather and other factors are conducive to the shoot. Thus, you should seek a consultation with us here in Scranton and we can give you advice on picking the best day. Outdoor settings need to be well lit or less lit as per the requirement to get the desired type of photos you are looking for from your senior pictures and the right photographer would be able to help you decide on the best day and time of the year for your session.

Once you are sorted with the aforementioned factors, you may wish to look out for discounts offered at our studio and book your sessions accordingly. There are many times of the year when Darkershadesofbrown Photography will put up discounts or bonuses and booking a session with such offers can be financially rewarding.
Whichever factors you consider during booking a portrait session, the objective must be to get the best quality photos or pictures and at a desirable price.

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Feel free to contact us and find out about our monthly promotions and how they will help you get the senior pictures you really want to celebrate the achievement you have accomplished this year.

When to book Senior Portrait Session Scranton PA

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