Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes


Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes



Mistake #1 – Having a poor choice in clothing

Wearing the wrong clothing could add as much as 50 lbs to how you appear in your portraits. Make sure that you have a look at our outfit recommendations by checking out our FAQ on our pricing page. A lot of people are not aware what photographs well, and consequently our responsibility is to try to help get you ready the best we’re able to.


Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes

Mistake #2 – Bad day to try out a new hair style

 The way your style your hair is a valuable part towards your appearance in your photographs. It’s a portion of the focus for the overall style of your photographs. Everyone has bad hair days. An awful hair day photographed may seem permanent. A portrait due to being on an undesirable hair day may bring problems with the actual focus of your portraits and it will come across in your pictures. There are specific items which separate Darkershadesofbrown Photography from other photography studios in Scranton PA, and that is exactly why we as photographers give thought to everything. Working with a bad hair day? Most people have those.  At Darkershadesofbrown Photography we suggest that you get a haircut for use on your senior portraits about 7 days before your time with us.


Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes

Mistake #3 – An issue that embarrasses everyone…

Just like everybody has a horrible hair day, everyone gets blemishes. Please, do not ever feel embarrassed or shy to share this together with us. After your portrait sitting it’s possible you’ll need to mention blemishes, and please, do. Darkershadesofbrown Photography possesses a team photoshop Ninja’s – yes it is true. Nobody likes blemishes and we also have a very good secret method to get got rid of them… :)

To put it differently, “there will not be any visible blemishes associated with your portrait.” This begins with a photography company that really cares about the work they do. Our business prides itself in pursuing perfection and customer care.


Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes


Mistake #4 – Forced smiling

You can find over 53 muscles on your own face. Now, think about how many you use whenever you smile. The important thing is to be relaxed while we take your photographs. Are you aware of how you take a portrait with your family or friends? You have got an incredible smile from ear to ear simply because you are happy with everyone? Darkershadesofbrown Photography is family operated and owned having more than 8-years experience. Family members are everything to us and whenever we are able to bring the enjoyment, comfort and warmth that family offers throughout your portrait sitting, we have really accomplished our goal.


Senior Portraits Scranton PA | 9 Mistakes


Major Mistake #5 – Rushing just like a tidal wave

The lack of the required time, or just being rushed into your photographs is definitely a mistake! Time is either for, or against us. We have all the amount of time you need for your pictures! :) That’s the reason you can depend on Darkershadesofbrown Photography to take good care of you.

Darkershadesofbrown Photography has all of the time you will want to make help shape a fantastic senior portrait sitting. Among the unique facets to our business is that the photographer takes the time essential to create portraits you’re going to be satisfied with. This is not an assembly line, or factory, or both. It is just the perfect time to capture beautiful memories you could share for an entire life and beyond.


 Mistake #6: Picking a bad photographer

Be sure you schedule with the proper studio. We occasionally need a chance to work out how we should take your pictures. Regardless of whether you failed to get enough sleep, or you’d like to have more time to collect your outfits, or maybe you experienced a fight with a girlfriend or boyfriend, etc… let us know.

We understand all of that and it may not end up being the best day. Certain matters are outside of our control so we recognise that better than anyone. That is definitely another incredibly unique thing about Darkershadesofbrown Photography!

What you need to do is get in touch with us and say, “Hey, I’m not feeling too good about taking my senior portraits today. Can we reschedule?”

And we will say, “I hope everything improves. Please contact us if we could do anything to help you. Now when will be a good time and we will do our very best to accommodate you?”


 Mistake #7: Digital cameras are usually not professional cameras!

Digital cameras usually are not professional! I realize that it can be popular to suggest to your own parents, “Geez, it’s really just a photo – I can take it myself!” Well, be sure to recognize that a professional portrait is professional for one reason. Our company has been in business for over 8 years with our studio in Senior Portrait Studio in Scranton PA. We have been running a business this long because photography is our passion and we always try to get complete customer happiness.



Major Mistake #8: Being shy will surely hurt your beautiful smile

Everybody is able to spot a nervous or shy smile. On the other hand, everyone wants to look at the gorgeous smile behind the nervous or shy one. This might be the biggest thing you’ve got to take into consideration..

Be natural – being natural is considered the most beautiful aspect of you.


Mistake #9: We’re not able to say this enough…

Choose the correct photographer and studio that will not manhandle or rush you into and out of their doorstep. Darkershadesofbrown Photography will guide and assist you by their words and does not grab or poke you. You should feel relaxed while having portraits and in case someone is touching you to tell you about what direction to go, well, that doesn’t sound comfortable and we’re fairly certain this doesn’t feel comfy.

With well over 8 years experience you can be confident Darkershadesofbrown Photography knows what they are doing. Your senior portraits will likely be on hand forever. Try and get the best quality images and experience you can.