Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures 


“Step-By-Step strategies to make it easier to avoid costly mistakes

When deciding on your Senior Photographer”


Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Dear Parents,


Before very long, your junior will most certainly be a senior and it may be time to decide on a photographer for their senior pictures. Too frequently, parents seemingly get forgotten in regards to making choices regarding a student’s senior portraits. Parents input truly matters and is also very important to everyone at Darkershadesofbrown Photography. It’s imperative for your son or daughter, too!


We’ve prepared this informational help guide to help you better get prepared for the senior portrait process, as well as make you a wiser consumer. If you follow my suggestions and tips, I guarantee your son or daughter’s portrait experience may be the best it could be! It is significant to Darkershadesofbrown Photography that you will be ultimately pleased with the final results.


Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures


Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures


If you only take away a few things using this guide, permit it to be this:


(1) You hold the authority to choose the photographer of your choice. Therefore it is best to look beyond the “contract” photographer to be certain you will get the type and quality of portraits both you and your SENIOR deserve.


(2) The personalized attention and reliable service belonging to the studio staff at Darkershadesofbrown Photography plays a huge part for making your senior portraits look wonderful!


(3) A studio visit might be a very wise investment before you decide to select your photographer who is going to create these lasting memories.


Thank you for your time, effort and consideration.


Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures




Utilize this guide to provide a checklist. Progress over the 10 steps, checking off the items while you go…(It really works!)


1. Be engaged through the portrait process.

2. Start planning and evaluating the photographers where you live now. You can’t ever start too early. At Darkershadesofbrown Photography, the earlier the senior is photographed, the higher the savings.

3. Don’t feel pressured to work with the school’s contracted photographer. It’s possible for your daughter or son to be in the school’s yearbook. We submit photos to every one of the area schools including Scranton High School, Abington Heights high school and Dunmore High School

4. Visit any studio you are considering, and check out the portraits they’ve taken. You’ll quickly decide which is best suited towards your taste. You may also check our our blog to become familiar with the kind of work we do

5. Don’t limit yourself geographically; don’t hesitate to drive a little farther for the portraits and service you deserve. After all, this is once in a lifetime event.

6. Consult with the Darkershadesofbrown Photography studio staff and ask questions! Do this prior to the actual photo session.

7. Evaluate what precisely you’ll receive for the investment. Look for a pricing structure that you’ll be pleased with.

8. Be thoroughly happy with your portraits. If something isn’t everything you expected, please ask why.

9. Look in the senior area of you yearbook from your previous year. Look for photographs whose quality jump out and whose poses you want. Ask those seniors where they had their portraits taken.

10. Encourage your daughter or son to be creative and enjoy yourself! After all, that’s what it is supposed to be about!


Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures

Parents Guide Scranton PA Senior Pictures



Q Who should you choose?

ANSWER: One of the area’s finest senior photographers is actually in your backyard. For over 8 years, Darkershadesofbrown Photography has been on the forefront of technology for the best creative senior portraits. We attend lectures, seminars and workshops to keep pace with the latest trends in senior portrait photography. We are superb at posing and lighting your highschool senior, but one of our best abilities is making your senior feel relaxed in front of our camera.

Q Why do schools have got a contract photographer?

ANSWER: Contracting one photographer makes it easier for the school to get photographs of dances, sporting events, band ensembles, and graduation pictures.. It simplifies it for your school, however it’s definitely not a good choice for students wanting high-quality senior portraits. All of our seniors visit us mainly because they elect to, even if they are contracted to other studios.

Q Who submits the senior portrait for the yearbook advisor for use in the yearbook?

ANSWER: Darkershadesofbrown Photography! We are aware of the specifications and deadlines for submitting yearbook pictures for all of the area high schools. Senior pictures happen to be our business for upwards of 8 years. Getting each individual student’s yearbook picture delivered by the due date and to the appropriate person, is our first concern.

Q What makes Darkershadesofbrown Photography unique?

ANSWER: In our own opinion, it really is everything we do. From the time you call for making a free consultation, to the time you receive the final order, Darkershadesofbrown Photography will shower you with personal, friendly and helpful service. We understand the significance of senior portraits. Daniel Lanton from Darkershadesofbrown Photography photographs each senior personally. He has an amazing personality which makes your experience one to remember.

Q When can I schedule my senior portrait appointment?

ANSWER: As opposed to what most parents think, SENIOR PORTRAITS ARE NOT TAKEN IN THE SENIOR YEAR! Because the deadline for submitting the yearbook portrait is in the fall, most seniors are photographed in the summertime prior to beginning their senior year. If however, you happen to be thrift conscious, and would like to save big money, schedule your daughter or son to be photographed in April, May or June of their junior year. The best buys are before our peak season in the summer months. The earlier your senior is photographed, the greater amount of money you save. Your daughter or son will not change much between now and July, however, your savings will! Call Darkershadesofbrown Photography and ask about our Early booking specials.

Q How much should I be ready to spend on SENIOR portraits?

ANSWER: Regardless of whether you place a larger order or a small one, you will be surprised by our pricing schedule. Price is a significant issue, bear in mind, if you choose a photographer who takes mediocre pictures that you are not proud of, any money spent is waste. Don’t let that take place!  Every one of our finished photographs are fully retouched, which means we remove blemishes and soften underneath the eyes.

 Q How about a pre-appointment escape to Darkershadesofbrown Photography?

ANSWER: We encourage you to come by for a pre-appointment journey to our studio. During your visit, we will also supply you with a tour of the studio, inform you of our pricing, and answer any questions you might have.

Remember, you’ve got the right to pick the senior photographer which you want. By law, no individual or organization can tell you where you can spend your hard-earned dollars.  Your son or daughter’s senior portrait is extremely important. It follows them for the remainder of their life, so think about your options carefully.

Q What if I have a lot more questions?

You really are extremely important to us. Please call (570) 955-7585 or click the button below to contact us via email.