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  • Learn more about our Senior Portraits

    Senior Portraits Scranton | Scranton High School

    Everything you want out of your senior pictures

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Darkershadesofbrown Photography

Trying to find inspired senior portraits which do not resemble everyone else’s? Well, you’ve found yourself in the absolute right place. Because, we are all about producing alternative, artistic and different senior portraits. Creating senior portraits that capture your spirit and preserve it for eternity is what we are all about. Offering products which seniors along with their parents love is what we try to do for each and every one of the seniors that comes to us. Prior to taking a glance at our work, you’ll want to know (if you haven’t guessed already) that we do things quite differently around here.

We take the time to become familiar you, your personality including your interests. You only graduate from high school once and this time is uniquely yours, It is our responsibility to find out what exactly it is about you that needs to be captured and create it. We enable you to plan every detail of your own senior portrait session here in Scranton.  Everything from clothing to locations to preparation, so that you make the most from your senior portrait experience.

We have been a distinctive senior portrait studio both limiting the total number of clients we take from each school and also the quantity of portrait sessions we do per year to around 100 so we’ll never be the photographer that everybody in your own school will go to. Your experience shall be special. We also shoot just one single photo shoot each and every day so that we can focus all of our energies towards you personally.

We are a detailed service studio offering a number of products our clients love including coffee table books,wall decor and custom framing so we can meet each of your product needs.

A reputable, straightforward, flexible approach that’s not the same as other senior portrait photographers. We are senior portrait artists going further for all our clients to make actually engaging alternative senior portraits. We’d wish to think that this is what we do for all the scranton area seniors who walk through our door. We’d also love to believe we have an enduring passion, a desire…really…for making your senior portraits uniquely yours and appear like nobody else’s. But you are the judge. In the end, this is why you’re here, is it not?

It is your senior year in high school and you have many decisions to make in regards to your future, but one decision you must make is where to get your senior pictures taken. Here at Darkershadesofbrown Photography we can help you get the pictures you deserve to celebrate your accomplishment. Our full service studio is located in Scranton PA and we schedule many portrait sessions with area seniors throughout the year. If you are looking for fun, creative and beautiful images we would love to talk with you about how we can meet your portrait needs. We really believe every area high school senior who comes to us is unique and we want to hear about your unique ideas for your session with us. Feel free to browse through our portrait galleries below to see if we would be a good fit for you.

Portfolio | When to book your Senior Portraits Photographer in Scranton PA

A look into the Scranton Senior Portraits Portfolio of Darkershadesofbrown Photography | Are you tired of the boring options you have in regards to your senior pictures? Are you looking for something different, unique and adventurous to do to celebrate moving on to greater things? We want to help you have the Senior Portraits you really wanted to get so feel free to see some of our sample galleries over here to the right where the ideas for your pictures begin to look endless.

Whitney's Senior Pictures

Whitney's Senior Pictures

Whitney's Scranton Senior Portrait Session | Abington High School | Getting your senior pictures taken can be stressful. It doesn't need to be at all. At our full service Portrait Studio in Scranton we want your pictures to be all about you and you don't have to choose the portrait studio your school tells you that you are required to go to. 

Elysie's Senior Portraits

Elysie's Senior Portraits

Elsyie's Senior Pictures In Scranton PA | Scranton High School | Why force yourself to be stuffed into a studio for your senior pictures when there are so many great locations we can go to for your pictures? Don't be afraid to ask us to come to you for your pictures. We really encourage people to be creative and unique about where their pictures are taken. You can suggest almost any location and we will come to you. 

Sierra's Senior Portrait Session

Sierra's Senior Portrait Session

Sierra's Senior Portraits | Scranton High School | At our Portrait Studio we strongly believe that to take good senior portraits we need to establish a comfortable environment for your pictures. That usually means we are on location coming to you. We believe this is the best way to capture who your really are. Gone are the days of the boring traditional photographs that all look exactly the same. We try to create unique portraits with every senior that comes to us in the Scranton area. 

When to book your Senior Portrait Session

When to book your Senior Portrait Session

What is the best time to get your senior pictures taken? You have all year, but do you want to wait until the last minute to get them taken? We usually need a few weeks notice to get you in our schedule so here is some useful information that will help you with that process.


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We offer four distinct styling options

Style your session in one of six ways


Session option #1

Senior Glam

The Senior Glam is a dressed up, sophisticated style… It is a style for those who like to wear dresses, heals and a little bling. This style is a great style to add to another style for a complete senior session.

Key Elements



Silk Tops

Sequins, Leather, Lace


This is a style that is a great excuse to wear cocktail or homecoming dresses. Bold colors sophisticated patterns

Session Option #2

Casual Chic

The Casual Chic style is a comfortable style that is chic. It is a style for those who like to look put together without looking as if they tried to hard. Think Jennifer Aniston’s look.

Key Elements




Classic pieces + 1 statement piece


Splurge on classic pieces for for high quality. Mix classics with something unique. Amp up everyday style with accessories. Think classic white T with fashionable jewelry.

Session Option #3

County Charm

The Country Charm style is for the girl who is a little bit country and loves her cowboy boots.  For this style, you can’t go wrong with denim, either a jacket or jeans. Boots are perfect for this style, whether you like riding boots or cowboy boots. Lace. cream dresses and open fields work perfectly for the Country Charm.

Key Elements






Soft flowing fabrics, cream and white lace, floral prints all mixed with denim

Session Option #4

Urban Hipster

The Urban Hipster style is for the girl who likes a little bit of edge and trend to her style. It is mixing things to make your own unique look.  A flirty skirt mixed with combat boots, leather jacket paired with a fitted dress. or a little punk mixed with florals. This style is for the girl who makes her own fashion rules.

Key Elements



Cropped jacket or utility jacket

Leggings or skinny pants or jeans

Graphic T’s


Invent your own unique style, mix hard and soft items, add edge with accesories

Session Option #5

Pretty Preppy

The Pretty Preppy Style is for the southern girl at heart. It is a style for those who like to wear classic cuts with pops of color and fun, bright patterns. Think stripes, polka dots and florals. Pair it with a monogram and you’ve got the pretty preppy style nailed down!

Key Elements



Printed Tops

Crew Neck Sweaters

Lily Pulitzer, JCrew, CWonder


Keep accessories minimal, Clean cuts and well fitted outfits are key. Keep hair and makeup natural, clean and fresh. Give classics like button-down shirts and update with a fresh color or pattern

Session Option #6

Boho Girl

The Boho Girl Style is influenced by the hippie era. It is a style for those who like free-flowing, natural fabrics and layers

Key Elements

Ethnic Prints

Embroidered Fabrics

Maxi Dresses and Skirts

Earthy Tones with Splashes of Color


Mix loose layers with fitted pieces, accessorize with lots of different pieces – layered necklaces and bracelets, big rings floppy hats – nothing matching exactly

Scranton Portrait Studio

What we can do for you at our Portrait Studio

Sick and tired of the backdrops, cheesy poses and senior portrait packages that limit you? Our company is too! Most of our senior photography sessions tend to be on location around Scranton PA and are fun, creative and trendy just like you. Our packages are customized and that means you choose the time you will need and all sorts of photos & products you’re looking for. Seniors want something different. They don’t want what their friends got and additionally they don’t like to be posed as their friends were posed. Darkershadesofbrown Photography spends more time and places a focus on capturing you for you. Everybody’s different. Some like natural, relaxed portraits. Other people are more fashion-inspired. We can capture your personality along with your style together with our creativity to give you something no other portrait studio in the area is capable of doing.

Our full service studio is located right along interstate 81 where we offer a wide range of services for your portrait needs. You can schedule you appointment by filling out the contact form and we can get you in our studio for your appointment. To book your appointment over the phone we can be reached at (570) 955-7585




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